Japanese Food

We will make cuisines of the season that you can not eat outside of Japan.
Enjoy number of delicious Japanese cuisine!

We will make special course Wadatsumi.
Those who do not know that you really what to ask is, Please leave it to cook.


Steamed egg hotchpotch 600yen
Sauce are so creamy and delicious.
aikyo Yaki of Cod 1200yen
Compatibility with the liquor is good cod.



Sushi 790yen~

You can eat at a reasonable price the upscale fish

Japanese beef Sushi 400yen~

Fresh Japanese beef will be eaten raw.



Japanese rice 1000yen~

Japanese rice is very delicious because Water is so clean.

Cooking rice in the kiln,It is possible to cook plump.

Steamed beef and Vegetable 1,800yen

Steamed beef and Vegetable is very soft and melt in your mouse.


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